Homage to local traditions

The Virgen del Galir winery is located in Éntoma, a small village in Orense. It has been part of the CVNE family since 2018. 

The Galir Valley falls under the Valdeorras DO (designation of origin). The winery’s philosophy is to make wines that reflect the values of the land whilst respecting local traditions. This begins with the winery’s name, a tribute to Our Lady of Galir, the protector of the region’s vineyards.

In recent years, several vineyards have been replanted and recovered in the Galir and Bibei Valleys to produce a complete range of villa (“terroir”), parcela (plot of land) and gran cru wines. The white wines of Virgen del Galir are made with grapes from the Galir Valley, an area with a lot of slate and vineyards at high altitude. The red wines are harvested from vines grown on granite soil, from plots in the Galir and Bibei Valleys.

40Hectares of vineyards
700Altitude meters
So, place matters, and that's why I'm so happy to see the approach taken by CVNE (Compañía Vinícola del Norte de España) from Rioja after they bought Virgen del Galir, a small family winery created in 2002 in the O Barco zone of Valdeorras and purchased by CVNE between 2017 and 2018Wine Advocate – Luis Gutierrez June 2020

7 wines with a unique caracter.

Virgen de Galir produces seven different wines, grouped into three main styles: villa (“terroir”) wines, classified villa wines and Gran Cru. These are complex, fresh Atlantic wines reflecting the identity of the land and the Roman heritage of its landscape. Each of these wines is produced differently, helping shape their unique character.

Villa wines
Maruxa – To make our Maruxa wines, we combine different plots and soils facing the rivers Galir and Sil, in Éntoma. The smallholdings enrich the area, and are part of the character of this wine. Maruxa Godello and Maruxa Mencía are long, fresh, light wines.

Classified Villa Wines
Pagos del Galir – From the A Malosa vineyard we obtain the best grape varieties to produce our renowned Pagos del Galir Godello and Pagos del Galir Mencía wines.

Gran Cru wines
A Villeira – This is a fresh wine, made from Mencía, Garnacha Tintorera, Brancellao, Sousón and Merenzao grapes. It is the truest expression of a historic vineyard located on the granite soil of As Ermitas.
Regueiron – Requeiron seeks the complexity and freshness of the Godello grape, produced in the slate soils of the easternmost areas of Valdeorras that usually produce mature, concentrated wines.
Los Carismáticos – Los Carismáticos is a wine produced using the recently recovered merenzao grape variety. Older locals describe merenzao as the tastiest grape. It used to be the variety used to make wine at home to enjoy with the family.


A dynamic and committed team.

The Virgen del Galir team is young and dynamic, closely linked to the environment and traditions of this place, with extensive knowledge of the area. Miguel Tienda and the oenologist Jorge Navascues are responsible for heading up the team and contribute their extensive experience in the wine sector and their great ideas to a project with a promising future.

Jorge Navascues (enólogo de Virgen del Galir) y Miguel Tienda (técnico de enología Virgen del Galir)
Jorge Navascues (enólogo de Virgen del Galir) y Miguel Tienda (técnico de enología Virgen del Galir)