A Villeira - Mencía

A Villeira is the name of the vineyard from which this wine comes from.

It is in the village of As Ermitas in Valdeorras, and is an exceptional vineyard, of grand cru quality.

A Villeira is a stone-terraced vineyard plot of some 2 hectares. It was built by hand in the 19th century. It lies in the northern area of ​​the Valdeorras region, in the village of As Ermitas, on the southern side of the Bibei river.

The plot is an amphitheater, with all exposures. The soil is granitic and, because of its mountainous location, the only way to work the land is by hand or with the help of animals.

Sustainable viticulture is carried out.

Hand harvesting in 15kg crates permits grape selection. It is then followed by whole bunch fermentation in small oak vessels.

Fermentation is completed using the yeasts naturally present on the grapes.

  • Year: 2018
  • Region of production: D.O. Valdeorras
  • Grape varieties: Mencía
  • Soils: The land is granitic and because of its orography the only way to work the soil is by hand or with the help of animals.
  • Download tasting Info: 2018
  • Download picture: A Villeira Mencía Bottle